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Senior Hygienist, SleepEight KY Sleep Specialist and Partner

Amy Watts

Senior Dental Hygienist and Practice Partner Amy Watts earned her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science at the University of Kentucky and has been a dental care professional for 18 years. Amy has been an important part of the M.R. Bishop DMD and Associates’ team for over 18 years.  As a Sleep Right KY Sleep Specialist, Amy’s passion is helping patients get a good night’s rest—without having to resort to bulky and troublesome C-pap machines. “It’s extremely gratifying when our patients can solve their sleep apnea issues with one of our small, easy to use and clean oral dental appliances instead of a C-pap machine,” she says.

Amy’s favorite part of her work is the fact that “every time we see our patients, we have an opportunity to greatly improve their overall health—and make a significant positive change in their smile and appearance.” Amy also enjoys boating and spending time with her family—especially at Disney World!