Frequently Asked Questions


Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am—5 pm

Our office is not open on Saturdays or Sundays.

We strive to minimize wait times and create a comfortable atmosphere for all of our patients!

Our last cleaning appointment is at 4 pm (Cleanings typically require approximately 1 hour.)

Cleanings typically require approximately 1 hour. Other types of dental services require varying amounts of time. If timing is a concern, please ask the staff member who schedules your appointment for help in determining an approximate estimate for the particular procedure you are scheduling.

Yes, we offer telephone, text and email appointment reminders.
NOTE: Appointment reminders offer the opportunity to confirm your appointment. They are NOT a way to change your appointment. To change your appointment, you must call the office.

We accept most forms of insurance. To check on whether or not we accept your particular form of insurance, please call our office; our staff will be happy to assist you.

We offer pre-treatment estimates and financial counseling to determine the potential cost of your treatment and the various payment options. Our payment options include:

Insurance We accept and file most forms of insurance.

  • Care Credit: Care Credit is a healthcare financing plan. Care Credit forms are available at our office; once you’ve completed the forms, we will contact Care Credit to determine whether or not you have been approved.
  • Major credit cards
  • Cash or check

We try to arrange payment prior to treatment. Payment is required upon completion of your appointment. 

Dr. M.R. Bishops and Associates is one of the few dental practices in the area that offers a complete range of dental services, including root canals and dental implants. For a full list of our services and procedures, click on our “Services” tab.

Yes, we offer affordable same day crowns — you can start the crown in the morning and leave with it in place on the very same day!

With same day crowns the entire procedure is completed in one appointment – there is no temporary crown and the crown is created in our in-house lab using a CEREC machine. Traditionally a patient is given a temporary crown, the permanent crown is created at a lab, and several weeks later is fitted into the patient’s mouth. 

Yes, we offer start-to-finish anterior and posterior root canals.

M.R. Bishops and Associates offers dental implants with same day extractions and immediate placement, including full tooth restoration upon completion. 

We offer a warm, friendly environment, and we ensure that a staff member is by your side at all times to answer your questions and ensure your comfort.

We take every measure possible to ensure that your experience is as pain-free and pleasant as possible.

We want to make the experience as pleasant as possible! In some cases we need to refer a patient to an oral surgeon to ensure patient comfort and a better outcome.